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Tempeh Stir Fry with Wasabi Ginger Finishing Sauce


2 cups cooked rice (add 2 Tbsp. Bittersweet Herb Farm Garden Harvest Seasoning to rice while cooking)

1 pkg. tempeh cubed or sliced (your preference)

3-4 Tbsp. olive oil

1 Tbsp. Bittersweet Herb Farm Chili Pepper with Garlic Oil

1 Tbsp. tamari

1 medium onion chopped

1 cup mushrooms diced or sliced

3 cups chopped Senposai (or any green of your choice)

3-4 Tbsp. Bittersweet Herb Farm Wasabi Ginger Finishing Sauce

*You can add or subtract any vegetable to your liking


Add olive oil and Bittersweet Herb Farm Chili Pepper with Garlic Oil in a large skillet or wok on medium-high heat. When oil is hot, add onion, tempeh, and mushrooms (and any other vegetable you have chosen), keeping the greens out until all other vegetables are tender. When vegetables are just tender, add greens and tamari. Cook until the greens are wilted, 3-4 minutes. Drizzle Bittersweet Herb Farm Wasabi Ginger Finishing Sauce on top and toss. Put rice in a bowl or plate and top with the stir fry. Enjoy!

To watch the full video click on the link below:

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