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About Us

Wallace Farms

Bittersweet Herb Farm is nestled in the beautiful hills of the northern Berkshires along the Deerfield River in Massachusetts. About forty years ago, our humble roots began at the Wallace family chicken farm in Branford, CT.

Over the years Bittersweet Herb Farm has won thirteen awards for our products. Keeping true to our core values, we strive to produce products that combine the wholesomeness of small town America and gourmet chic using natural ingredients and artisan practices. We are committed to harvesting the earth's fresh flavors of the fields and use them in enticing ways for everyone to enjoy.  

We produce versatile lines of finishing sauces, dried seasonings, and infused oils to be used as marinades, basting sauces, salad dressings and condiments. Our balsamic collection and assortment of fruit spreads can be used as a glaze transforming ordinary main course roasts and elevate the simplest desserts. Our infused oils are hand sprigged with dried-herbs and a dash of essential oils for full-bodied flavor and an attractive display. Customers have the opportunity to meet our team, hear about our process, and sample our products at one of the many events we participate in across the East Coast.

Our brand reflects our love of cooking and our passion for enjoying great food with family and friends. 


Founder & Owner